People begin working with a professional for all kinds of reasons – some they know at the start, while others surface during our time together. All people, of every age, are faced with a cyclical path through life. When we avoid hard things, they return again and again and again until we decide to stand up, face our fear, and in so doing release ourselves and the power that comes with freedom. Freedom to respect ourselves and others, count on ourselves and others, risk trust intentionally and intelligently and make a good foundation to build our lives upon.

Dr. Eileen has the professional experience and academic drive to give you the kind of support and understanding that your friends and family do not. Feeling free to communicate honestly and completely is necessary for being able to then think for yourself — and with input you can trust from an objective source — and make strong and good lasting decisions about all aspects of your life.


Individual therapy / analysis is a confidential space for you, yourself… alone. Together we have a chance to explore the truth, the life of your mind, your most personal experience. With understanding comes liberation from conflict within you and renewed freedom to do what you want and need to do.


Couples work is a dedicated space for you and your partner to share true thoughts and feelings. I can help your relationship – the third life created between you – to recognize and understand patterned ways you have of hurting and loving yourselves and each other. Choices can be illumined – from the day-to-day to the big ticket choices.


Family therapy consultation is an opportunity for the members of a family – nuclear or extended – to talk. From birth to death, the family group lives through magnificent transitions. Where there is hurt or trouble, there are repeating opportunities to talk to each other about old things in a new way and so free up. Together.


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