Services Overview

What brings clients to therapy?

There are many different reasons for clients to begin working with a psychologist. All people, of every age, are faced with a cyclical path through life. When we avoid the difficulties faced in one part of our life, they will return again and again until we decide we are strong enough to stand up and face our fear.

Dr. Eileen has the professional experience and training to give you the kind of support and understanding that your friends and family do not. With Dr. Eileen you will be able to communicate honestly and constructively so that you can make strong decisions about all aspects of your own life.



Individual therapy is a confidential space created for you to explore your thoughts and feelings. Dr. Eileenís sole focus is you and your experience. This can be a liberating experience where you are finally able to let go of those ideas running through your head and release them into reality. You can bring those ideas out into the rest of your life, or you can keep them to yourself within the confines of your therapy.
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Couples therapy is a mutually created space for you and your partner to share your true thoughts and feelings about your relationship. We are not always able to be so honest with each other in relationship, and Dr. Eileen helps you and your partner achieve that respectfully and constructively.
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Family Therapy

Family therapy is a confidential space for family members to identify their needs and experiences within the family system. A wide range of situations can arise within families that can seem overwhelming; from every day stressors to deeper issues, and each family member can be affected differently.
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