You both bring your own stories and identities into the work with Dr. Eileen, and during therapy a third story materializes, the story of your interactions and relationship. How do you maintain your identity as an individual while still honoring the relationship you share? How does that relationship affect your personal identity?

Many challenges arise within relationships that are unique to you and your partner – do you share the same values? Are you having difficulty with each other’s family? Have issues with your children begun to creep into your relationship? The key is to understand how your reactions to situations with your partner affect the quality of your relationship. Dr. Eileen is there to listen to both of you honestly and openly, and to help you hear the truth of what your partner is saying. Intimacy is seeking to deeply know your partner, and in turn being open to the same.

Dr. Eileen works with couples in new and long term relationships, with and without children. Her role is to help partners come together and become all the more because of it.