Family Therapy

Families face the most complex relational challenge of all: being a collection of separate and ever-developing selves while being a group of cooperatively contributing members. The mechanics of the family system, taking turns receiving and giving, supporting and being supported, are played out over the course of lifetimes, together.

Whether your family is in crisis, managing unspoken tension, approaching a major life transition, or simply wishing there were a way to relate to each other differently, family therapy is a resource. Dr. Eileen encourages you to speak directly and constructively for yourselves and to each other, and she can provide you with practical solutions for managing family needs.

Not all family members need to be present, but those dedicated to learning something more about themselves, and each other, can begin to manage the challenges and opportunities of being a family while strengthening interpersonal relationships.

Dr. Eileen works with whole family groups, as well as subsets of 2 or more, immediate and extended, over the course of the family life cycle.